Bellísima Bridal Boutique

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Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions.
Why should I buy my dress at this online boutique compared to other online sites?

            When purchasing from our online Bridal site, we can guarantee you that we are in fact an authorized licensed retailer. This means that you will be purchasing a dress that is of the highest quality, is not replicated, and is therefore created by the true designer.

There have been way too many horror stories about online wedding dress purchases, and scams. Other caveats to be wary of are that the size you select may not be made for you body, the material maybe of poor quality, the color and design may not even match!

Ship, ship, Hooray!!

We offer free shipping anywhere in the United States!

Why am I being ordered a bigger dress size than what I normally wear?

             Each designer has a specific manufacturer dress chart that is tailored for their own custom gowns. Therefore, depending on the style and design of the dress, your dress size will be ordered according to the designer's dress chart. Size is just a number. You're more than just a number!