Bellísima Bridal Boutique

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Accessories are thoughtfully selected to enhance and compliment the meaningful event you are attending. Such accessories are not limited to the bride. Bellísima presents adornments for special occasions for men, women, and children.


Hair Vines, Veils, & Jewelry offers customization of veils through color, beading, and length. Aside from veils, you can also select other accessories such as: birdcages, tiaras, jewelry, shoe clips, cap sleeves, shrugs, and petty coats.


Bridal Accessories can embellish your enchanting occasion. Fashionable accessories include veils, headpieces, belts, and jewelry. 


Pink Paradox London shoes are built so that they offer a very pleasant feel that allows you to walk with comfort.  


Empire Intimates is a line that carefully crafts its undergarments to beautify and support your figure. The functionality of these undergarments not only allows you to feel confident, but to feel and look resplendent.

Bridal Shoes are another stylish line of shoes that you can order from us as well. For various shoe sizes and colors available, you can go onto the website and see what the actual shoe looks like in the colors offered.

Belts, Boleros, Shawls. With each line that we carry, there is a wide variety of accessories to choose from. And don't be afraid to pick something you like from another line. That is what will make your gown or outfit even more customized.