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In the past, the role of bridesmaids was to ward off and confuse evil spirits in ancient Roman times. Ten bridesmaids was considered law, to protect the bride. Nowadays, brides are stepping away from these superstitious times, opting for slightly less bridesmaids and also going for a little bit of different styles as well. 

Although some brides continue the tradition of all bridesmaids wearing the same dress, some are now doing things a little different. With women being different shapes and sizes, not one dress may be flattering to one or more bridesmaids. And we can almost all empathize the feeling of not looking, or feeling our best, especially for wedding. 

Here, we share 3 top trends that brides are now trending towards:

1. Different styles, same color and length

2. Different styles & length, same color

3. Mismatched all together!

So which ever way you are seeking, we got your back, er dress!