Bellísima Bridal Boutique

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The 15th birthday, Filled with rich tradition and history dating back since the Aztecs, 500 B.C., where the transition of a young girl to a young lady still takes place. 

What has been traditionally worn is a white dress, similar to a wedding gown-except there is no train. White represents purity, innocence, and a successful beginning. Pink, along with other pastel hues have also been an accepted color of choice as a dress for this special occasion, 

More recently, these dresses have taken on a more bolder colors in jewel toned fashion! The skirt still takes on the innocent Cinderella ball gown style, along with honoring the traditional roots. And so the best way to honor their personality with their roots is with color. There's no limit to what colors and various styles of dresses to choose from. Have fun with it!

Find a variety of accessories including albums, guest books, and more on hand.